The Power of Video Marketing (Statistics Prove It All!)

Video Marketing Stats

Without question, nowadays Video Marketing is taking over Content Marketing with impressive results. Be it in your overall Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy or Social Media Strategy, Video Marketing has got to have its superior place there. Why? Why should you be so confident in that? Well, let the statistics guide you for answering to this question.

Do you see an opportunity in these statistical facts? We hope you do, because there is a big one: Video Marketing. If people actually watch videos, then why not take that as an advantage and use it in marketing strategies, right?

One thing for sure, Video Marketing brings high engagement rates in such scenario, ultimately bringing higher financial rewards. People watch videos (which we already know), thus your video marketing efforts will definitely pay off. Statistical data is ready to prove you that!

Ready? Hop on!

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Want real-life examples?

Now, getting back to the question – why? Why does Video Marketing have to have its superior place in your online marketing strategies? Since people like to watch videos, Video Marketing brings high conversion rates to your marketing efforts! That is the right answer. Good job! See, statistical data is very valuable in answering to crucial questions like this one.

One more thing: it is estimated that 80% of global consumer internet traffic will be consumer internet video traffic by 2019. OK! Now, you are convinced, for sure! So, don’t lose any valuable time and make sure you have included Video Marketing in your this year’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

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