5 Simple Tips For Designing The Perfect Landing Pages


Landing Page Design

Flawless landing pages that are perfectly optimized for high conversions should be your ultimate goal! In the end, you want your website visitors to convert in some way, right? They are not supposed to just visit you, learn about you and then leave.

So, how should you make the best out of your landing page designing efforts? How should you craft a landing page that actually converts?

Take a look at these 5 simple tips on how to design the perfect landing pages that convert!

Landing Page Tip #1: Ask What’s Needed, Not More

We understand that owning more information about your clients is a good thing for you. Yet, designing long landing pages that ask for too much information will bother your visitors to the extent that they will end up not giving you any information at all.

Thus, you better ask for the information that’s really needed, not anything more. For example, if you need their email address, then it would be a great idea to ask for their email address only. This way, you will keep your landing pages simple and neat, attracting more and more prospects to click on that CTA button as an end result. In other words, this will help you keep your conversion rates high.

Landing Page Tip #2: Make Them Mobile Friendly

Without question, mobile has taken over the world! Mobile internet usage is far higher than desktop internet usage now. In fact, as of August 2017, there are 3.5 billion global mobile Internet users.

What can be inferred here? You know it! You need to make your landing pages mobile friendly, in order to satisfy the ever demanding mobile-user-customers of yours.

Design landing pages that are easy to navigate, click and feel on all mobile devices. If not, be sure, they will leave. We bet you don’t want that!

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Landing Page Tip #3: Write Enticing CTAs

CTAs are the most important thing on every landing page. In the end, they are what convert. No CTA – no high conversions. Poorly crafted CTAs – low conversions. You get the logic!

So, pay serious attention when designing your CTAs. Work on situating them in a position that has no distractions around.

Use clear and compelling copy for them. Whenever possible, write verbs that indicate value, such as “Create My Free Account” or “Email Me Awesome Articles” instead of telling what to do, using CTAs like “Download” or “Submit.”

Landing Page Tip #4: Aim for Their Hearts

Whatever design and content you choose to use for your landing pages, always remember, you have got to aim for your visitors’ heart.

Simply, appeal to their emotions. Emotions make your offer more interesting and tempting to buy. They appeal to your visitors in a way, that makes them relate to you and your offer. And, guess what? The super high conversion rates that you crave for are ensured!

Landing Page Tip #5: Use Compelling Imagery

The usage of compelling imagery will give your landing pages a nice and fresh look that will leave no room for hesitation. Simply, high quality, relevant and compelling images on landing pages attract the eyes of your visitors, making them like you and actually pay attention to what you are offering.

As a rule of thumb, you should use images that visually direct the attention of your visitors towards the most important part of your landing pages: the CTAs.

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