3 Simple and Easy Steps for Writing Well Focused Content


Focused Content Writing

Have you ever stumbled across a long article that doesn’t seem to get anywhere even by the end of it?

You read it on and on and on… no point found at all!

What was it about? It is the easy part! Content can be written in an interesting and engaging way that you may read all along to understand the overall subject matter.

But, what’s its point? What did it need to say, for which it was written in the first place? That is the most important part! And, the hard part too!

To have a solid point and to get to it quickly is what you need for an effective and focused content strategy. Otherwise, you will be boring and annoying! You don’t want that!

You shouldn’t ever waste your readers’ time and attention even for a second. So, follow these 3 simple and easy steps for writing well focused content. 1…2…3…

From the beginning, know what you need to say.

No matter what piece of content you write: a 300-word-article, an infographic, a thorough product review or whatever you may like, always have the end in mind.

Have the answers of two simple questions:

What is the purpose of that specific content of yours?

What’s in it for your readers?

This way, it will be much easier for you to stay concentrated on the point you are to make with your content and write what your readers need to read on the subject matter. No boring and long-tail sentences that have nothing to add in value!

Now, write it.


You have the answers to those two important questions in mind? Great! Keep them in mind!

Now, write whatever comes to your mind for the topic. Write it!

Write it all freely, not being afraid of not being right.

The more you write by putting all the thoughts into words, the more content you will have to edit for getting a complete piece of content as an end result. Aha! It is a greatly effective strategy for producing quality content that stands out!

But you have made sure to write everything focused on the answers to those two important questions, right? Awesome!

Then, it is time for the third step!


Let it rest.


It is always a good idea to let your first draft rest for a while: a day or two, depending on the set deadlines.


As you can already guess, it enables you to get back at it with a fresh eye and a sharp mind, ready to detect even those little unnoticeable mistakes.

Then, depending on how well you have managed to answer to those questions in your content, you may decide to keep it or edit it completely, to make it perfectly to the point. It is natural!

Change a few sentences and paragraphs. Rearrange it all. Don’t even be afraid to start it all over! If it doesn’t satisfy your initial purpose of writing the piece, then it deserves to be rewritten.

In the end, just keep in mind, that whatever you write, you write with a goal and your content should be all about that goal.

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