5 Pre-Launch Marketing Tips For Startups

Pre-Launch Marketing For Startups

Technologies have transformed business community forever. Thousands of people around the world are working day and night on bringing their unique ideas to life. They usually don’t spare any effort to improve their product and build up a powerful team. What they usually lack or don’t spend enough time on is marketing. Meanwhile, a proper pre-launch marketing of your product is vital. In fact, that’s what brings value to all your efforts by creating awareness about them. Successful startup marketing includes both a great product and a perfect pre-launch marketing strategy.

Here are some pre-launch growth hacking tips for startups that will definitely increase your visibility and set a good base for future success.

Build relationships with influencers

“Build relationships, not links” – this saying has never been more relevant than today. This is absolutely true.  Actually, building relationship is one of the key components of your pre-launch campaign. This needs to be done several months prior to the launch. Find the right people in your product niche and start building trust. You can contact them, provide details about your product, point out the benefits of it and delicately wonder if it might be of interest to them. Keep in mind that you need to find people who can potentially be interested in what you are going to offer in several months. Once you do follow-ups, comment or share their online activity, be sure they are going to pay you out later, when you launch your start-up.

Work on visuals

It comes without saying that visuals are going to play the major part in terms of branding and positioning your product. So make sure you are equipped with all the useful tools. It’s pretty much likely you don’t have a budget for affording a designer for your daily activities. Not a big deal, the internet has it all covered now. Sign up to Canva, choose from dozens of templates and make beautiful visuals easily and cost-effectively. Download some simple video editing software and make short videos for keeping up a good presence on your social accounts.

Use Quora

Quora is a place that can give you a lot of meaningful insight into your industry. Here you can see what questions in your niche people ask and how they answer them. Register and fill out your account on Quora, providing some relevant information about your startup. Become active on topics which relate to your product. Answer questions, open up discussions and be friendly.

Set up a blog

Well, of course. Not sure if this is even worth mentioning. The tricky part here is that most often startups launch a blog together with their product. Not cool. You have to start it long before you make your product public. Spend some time on including blog into your pre-launch strategy: set up a blog and start posting about your future product, industry news, and related topics. Create quality content and distribute it widely to spread the word out. You can write about the work in progress, achieved milestones, the process of building up your product. This will help you create buzz around it. So when you launch it, people will already be waiting for it to come.

Run a pre-launch landing page campaign

In fact, lead generation is what you should strive for at pre-launch stage. Emails, emails and emails – as many of them as one can get.  So make sure to build a great and informative landing page to run for a good pre-launch ad campaign, with some clear Call to Action, to generate leads. Think of some perks, discounts or other ways you can attract people to sign up for your product first. Put up a strong base of your subscribers already 2 or 3 months prior to the launch. These are people who are most likely to convert into your loyal customers in future.

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