Top 3 Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses (2018)


Local SEO tips for small businesses 2018

Do you own a local small business that you want to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs)?  You have come to the right place! As, online users make 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone, there is a crucial need for your business to be locally optimized for search engines to gain maximum local visibility. And, as general SEO differs from Local SEO, some tips specifically efficient for Local SEO will be of great value to your small business’ online success. So, we have crafted the list of top 3, the simplest and most essential Local SEO tips just for you, to maximize your business’ online outreach in 2018. Let’s get to them now!

Local SEO Tip #1: Create Google My Business and Bing Places For Business Listings

Google My Business (GMB) and Bing Places For Business, considered as a directories, should be the starting point of your Local SEO campaign. It is a very crucial step for appearing in Google’s and Bing’s local map listings in SERPs that come into sight whenever a local search query is made. Imagine the benefits it can bring to your business, being more visible to highly qualified prospects! We know, right?

The process of setting up both of the directories for your local business is very easy and free of charge.

Setting up Google My Business:

  • Visit and click “Start Now.”
  • Sign in with your business’s Google account.
  • Fill in the required information regarding to your business and click “Continue.”

Local SEO Tips - Google My Business

  • If you have selected “yes” for “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location check box in the previous step, you will need to specify the geographic areas where you serve your customers and click “Continue.”

Local SEO Tips - Google My Business

  • Google will ask for your business’s verification, so click on “Mail” to receive your verification code by mail.

Local SEO Tips - Google My Business

Setting up Bing Places For Business:

  • Visit and click “Get Started.”
  • Claim your existing business by filling in the required information and click “Search.” If you don’t have an already existing business, click “Add New Business” and, again, fill in the required information to create a new listing.

Local SEO Tips - Bing Places for Business

  • Add your business and login to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one yet, click on “Get a New Account.”
  • Once logged in, fill in the required information regarding to your business’s details. Click “Submit.”

Local SEO Tips - Bing Places for Business

  • Bing will ask for your business’s verification, and will send you verification PIN by mail in 3-5 days.

Local SEO Tips - Bing Places for Business

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Local SEO Tip #2: Optimize Your Webpage

Make sure to optimize your webpage with local keywords generated from your keyword strategy. Use those keywords in your meta tags and main content with the right density to maximize your visibility in SERPs. The content of your webpage should be optimized for the local information. Of course, highlighting what local areas your business serves is critical here. The information can also regard to local attractions, events, news and even trending topics. Local is key! The goal is to make search engines relate your content to the localized search queries and showcase your webpage to the local targeted audience. Simple, right? Yet, Powerfully effective!

Furthermore, don’t forget about all the great SEO techniques, starting from on-page optimization to quality link building to active social presence, that all have a great say in your overall ranking in SERPs.

Local SEO Tip #3: Get Lots of Online Reviews

Online reviews are super important in getting noticed by Google and acquiring a high ranking place in SERPs. So, go ahead and ask your clients for reviews. Don’t be shy about it, as most of the time your customers will just love to leave a word or two about their experiences online. Try emailing them after a purchase and make sure to include the links of all the social and online platforms where they can leave a review. It will give them more autonomy to choose the platform they like the most or feel more confident in.

Be prepared for the negative reviews too! Take our advice and answer to them. Take appropriate actions to turn those unhappy customers into happy ones. Be creative here, and you will have those negative reviews turned into positive ones with not much of a difficulty. Also, avoid using fake reviews, as they can do real harm to your reputation in the long run if uncovered by your customers. Mabuhay!

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