6 Free Social Media Management Tools You Should Start Using

Free Social Media Management tools

You are running a small business and are considered about your social media presence. Indeed, this is a common concern. Free Social Media Management Tools can be a true asset for startups!

Today the pace of social media trends makes it even more confusing for small business owners to know their way around the net. It doesn’t only include allocating budget for social media ads but also time and resources to keep up consistent work for reaching guaranteed results. We know how tight the budget can sometimes be, and at the same time how strong the need is to push the business forward.
So, we have decided to introduce you the most popular free Social Media Management Software. These are tools that must be there at your helping desk, at no cost.

Facebook Stat Graph

Facebook Insights

Well, no need to mention Facebook insights: most likely you are already using it. Yes, despite all the fuss, Facebook still remains the most popular social media platform. It gives you a pretty good insight into your posts performance, audience breakdown, and many other important reports. Apparently, Facebook insight is not enough. So read on! You might run into the tool that your business needs to start using already now.



Most probably you’ve heard of it. Hootsuite is one of the most known names while talking about social media management tools. You might think it’s a costly solution for your startup but wait, they have a free plan as well. As an individual, you can connect 3 social profiles to your Hootsuite account by your choice. Just choose 3 from Facebook, Twitter, Google+LinkedInInstagram and Youtube. You will be able to schedule posts, have access to basic analytics, and monitor the engagement of your posts and growth of audience. The sad news is that Hootsuite limits you in adding images to posts in its basic scheduler. Nevertheless, you will still have a chance to schedule 30 messages per month and track all of your social profiles on 1 platform. Quite comfortable, isn’t it?



Here you can attach 1 social account per network for free. Unlike Hootsuite Buffer is initially designed not for a comprehensive analytics but as an easy way to queue and share your content. Thus, here you won’t have deep reports. Instead, full flexibility of scheduling posts and simplicity of interface are at your disposal.  Buffer is designed to make your life easier. It also tracks the activity of your audience and determines the perfect moments for sharing during the day. Of course, you are free to adjust and change them at any given moment.

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Likeable Hub

Here is another tool that can be absolutely useful to any small business. It aims to offer a wider social media marketing solutions than other platforms mentioned here. Though its free version limits access to business profiles and is available only to individuals, you can still use its quite solid perks for free. What’s great about Likeable? First, their media library which offers you thousands of social media post ideas. Second, you can improve your Tweeter and Linkedin posts, even create your own mobile website and landing page – yes, totally for free.

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As a business owner, you should be interested in how your brand name resonates on the web. And here comes the free HowSociable tool which measures the impact of your brand and analyzes its social performance. Using the most popular 36 social media websites, it gives you a score and provides an insight of your brand activity and that of your competitors. The free plan allows you to track 1 brand according to 12 HowSociable metrics.

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Once you perform well on Social Media you gain a lot of followers. Get a chance to know who they are, where they live, what are their interests and professions. SocialRank offers a detailed data about your Tweeter and Instagram followers, on an individual level. With a free plan, you can connect as many accounts as you want, sort and filter your followers according to various important metrics. Amazing opportunity to get closer to your audience and tailor your social media content to their demand!

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