Best Free Social Media Management Tools for 2018


Social Media Tools

Nowadays, Social Media Marketing is not there as an option for your emerging business, it is a must.

You have read it right – It is a must! Not keeping up with the latest trends in your consumers’ preferences and not being able to meet them where they spend most of their time would be a big failure for your business. And, you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Well, luckily you don’t even need too big of a budget to successfully manage your social media marketing efforts. There are lots of free tools out there that come in handy with any of your marketing goals. Aha!

Here are the best 3 of free social media management tools, that you will definitely enjoy using on budget!



hootsuite logo

Hootsuite is a great smm tool for finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media content. It is true that it has several paid plans with advanced features for teams and organizations of any sizes. Yet, its free plan is just ideal for individuals who want to start managing multiple networks, schedule content, and engage with their audience—all in one place. Sounds good, right?

Here is what Hootsuite’s Free Plan includes:

  • Managing of up to 3 social media profiles in one place.
  • Basic Analytics to track follower growth and content engagement.
  • Scheduling of up to 30 posts in advance.
  • 2 RSS feed integrations to automatically find and share compelling content from trusted sources.
  • 150+ free and paid apps to work smarter by integrating the tools you already rely on into your dashboard.

Not bad, huh?

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Buffer logo

As Buffer puts it itself- “A better way to manage your social media.” Aha!

Buffer has been in the social media management sphere for a pretty long time now, and it has managed to win the hearts of many many social media managers. It simply is a respectable platform for managing multiple social media profiles in one place and with great ease.

Just like Hootsuite, Buffer has many pricing plans for teams and organizations of any sizes to satisfy their varying needs of social media management.

And, its Free Forever Plan is also a quite catch, especially for smaller teams! Have a look at the diagram below and compare it yourself!



friends+me logo

Friends+Me is the 3rd prime player in the free social media management tools family. It is a very advanced tool that is dedicated to make your social media management efforts much easier than you could have ever dreamed of.

The features of Friends+Me include but are not limited to post scheduling capabilities, keyword tracking, link shortening, SEO benefits, content cross-promotion and team support.

Friends+Me’s pricing is pretty advanced as well, having separate plans for Individuals, small, medium and large businesses. And, of course, there is the Free Plan of Friends+Me designed for individuals, and anyone who wants to try Friends+Me for an unlimited period of time.

Friends+Me’s Free Plan includes:

  • Managing of 2 social profiles.
  • Scheduling of 5 posts per social platform, a.k.a. queue.
  • Publishing ability on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr.
  • Link shortening.
  • Browser extensions, Mobile and Desktop apps.
  • 3rd party integration – Zapier.
  • Standard support.

Now, of course, there are lots of tools out there for you to use in your Social Media Marketing efforts. Some are free, some give more features for a certain amount of fee, and some are relatively expensive in regards to more advanced features. But, at the end of the day, what really matters is how well that certain tool matches your own social media marketing objectives and goals. So, make a wise choice, not a cheap one!

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