Enspired+ Team Wins Top Prize in Virgin Velocity Competition

When Virgin Australia challenged members of their Velocity frequent flyer program to produce innovative promotional content, I was inspired by my childhood plush toys to create 2 brand-new characters – a pair of Grand-daughter and Grandpa rapping muppets!

But I didn’t do it alone. Working alongside my freelance colleagues from the Enspired+ team, we not only brought a new character to life, but crafted a witty and engaging songs with lyrics that worked perfectly with the brief.

In honour of our work through my personal Instagram account (@thesevenlittleglobetrotters), we won the top prize in Virgin’s competition! As well as receiving a prize of 100,000 Velocity points, our creation was featured on Virgin Australia’s dedicated competition website, in their newsletter, and even on national television! Suffice to say, these two emerging hip-hop superstars is going places – quite literally!

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On the track, the streetwise muppet raps about the four tiers of the Velocity program, various ways that points can be earned, and how scheme loyalty is rewarded with upgrades and VIP experiences.

MC Muppets (not the official band name name – yet!) also gives a shout out to Virgin’s new Velocity app, bringing a fun and innovative way to bring promotional content to life.

We wanted to create something that had all the facets of a great advert: immediately engaging, memorable, and it delivers information in a snappy, clear-cut format. And I think we cracked it! The viewer knows exactly what our hip-hop muppets is talking about, and it’s not a character anyone will forget in a hurry!

My team and I used our individual talents and collective strengths to design a catchy, informative piece that delivers everything you need to know about the Velocity program in under a minute. This ad shows off the diverse skill set of the team at Enspired+. Several artistic elements – including character design, songwriting, music production, graphic design, cinematography, and video editing – were brought together to produce a prize-winning marketing piece.

The successful execution of this project demonstrates the creative flair of the Enspired+ team, as well as our ability to interpret a brief, develop original ideas, and bring those concepts to life.

What’s next for our intrepid rapping muppets? While a record deal hasn’t been signed just yet, they’ve earned enough Velocity points for a well-deserved holiday. Look out for them on your next flight! 

In the meantime, we here Enspired+ are on hand to support start-ups and small, growing businesses with innovative marketing solutions. Our pay-as-you-go model allows companies to access Ensprired+ services precisely when they’re needed – whether that involves extra help on a single campaign, oversight on a larger project, or anything in between. Learn more about us and get in touch by clicking here.

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