Top 3 Strategies For Making Customers Stay “Subscribed” To Your Emails


No matter how many advanced technological breakthroughs we keep having, email marketing never gets old and never will. Nor ineffective! In fact, email marketing generates 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent. Wow! But, it is not an easy job to get such great result. Many marketers struggle with actually keeping their customers subscribed to their emails. Customers have their reasons!

So, here we are to tell you the top 3 most effective strategies to prevent your customers from clicking that “unsubscribe” button for opting out from all of your emails. Here we go!


Send The Right Amount of Emails

According to a recent research, 67% of consumers unsubscribe from emails because of receiving too many of them. There is that! So, you shouldn’t really bombard your customers with emails, pushing them further and further away from you. Really! We understand that you want to engage with your customers more and more, closing those sweet deals. But, too much of an effort will always end up hurting you.

Instead, try to create positive experiences for them by sending out appropriate amounts of email. How many? It depends. It really does! You just need to do your own research on your target audience and see at what frequency and at what times they engage the most. Or, you can simply ask them how many emails they would like to receive at specific time intervals. Believe us, that would mostly do the trick of keeping them subscribed to your emails. In the end, asking them means you value their opinion, their comfort and privacy. And they will appreciate it a lot!

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Send Personalized Content

What do the stats say? Personalized emails receive 27% higher unique click rates and 11% higher open rates. Boom!

Whenever crafting that email marketing campaign of yours, make sure you have properly personalized them for providing better results. Questions to ask yourself: Is your content relevant to the recipient’s needs and wants? What stage of buyer’s journey is the recipient in? Do you offer value to your customers?

Just a little tip for you to start: instead of saying “Hi there!” try saying “Hi Ann.” Easy, right? In the end, email personalization begins with a personal greeting.

Optimize for Mobile

As of July, 2017, 51% of email has been opened on a mobile device. Does this tell you anything? It should!

In today’s ever advanced tech world, where the use of mobile is spreading all over the world in skyrocket speed, not having a mobile-optimized email campaign would be just a dead of a fool. Don’t be a fool! If you happen to not optimize for mobile, your customers will unsubscribe without even giving it a second thought. Just put yourself into their shoes: Why would they stay with you after every nervous breakdown of pinching and zooming into their screen? No reason!

So, embrace responsive templates. They will allow your emails to fit any screen size of your mobile-user-customers, keeping them happy and satisfied. No unsubscribes! Also, don’t forget about optimizing the size of your visuals, to make sure your emails don’t take ages to load.

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