5 Content Marketing Strategies to Nail in 2017

Content Marketing

Startups don’t have the big budget for marketing that large-scale companies do, but startups are more agile. They can react much more quickly than the lumbering giants of commerce. This is critical in the world of content marketing.

Here are five ideas that will work for any startup in any market. Moreover, all of this stuff you can do for free! You just need to find the time.

1. Position yourself as an authority in your field

You want to make yourself the go-to expert in your field. Write content that is engaging, infused with personality, and answers a problem your audience has before they even know they have it.
How to do this: webinars, case studies, YouTube tutorials, white papers, ebooks

2. Publish what’s fresh: Evergreen content marketing

Evergreen content is the kind of content that stays forever fresh and current. It will bring people back over and over again to your website as well as draw new readers and customers. Do the work once and reap the benefits forever.
How to do this: blog posts, webinars, how-tos

3. Eschew obfuscation

What? Exactly.

Write in a way that’s easy for your audience to understand and engage with. The point above all in all forms of communication is clarity. Make sure that your readers know what you’re saying always.
How to do this:
Infographics, pictures, listicles, blog posts

4. Emphasize the big picture

Everyone is busy and constantly interrupted and overwhelmed. It’s just the way of life in the age of information as your fingertips and in your pocket. Your audience and customers are looking for the answer to their problems. ‘The’ being the operative word. Most people aren’t looking for a list of 25 ways to address a problem.
How to do this: white papers, blog posts, ebooks

5. Join (or create) a community

At the beginning, writing a blog can be like yelling into a void, so engage in other places. Find out where your clients hang out and join them there. Create content and add value in the places that your audiences already are and they will come back to your website see what else you have to offer.
How to do this: press releases, social media campaigns, guest blog posts

If you’re looking for helping to create, define, and launch your startup’s marketing plan, but feeling overwhelmed, drop us a line. We can offer you a detailed content marketing strategy for one flat fee.

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