3 Key Email Outreach Tips

Email Outreach Tips

Ever wondered why the influencers you have reached out to within your email outreach campaign have never replied to you? Well, if not never then just a very small fraction of them! But, still!

It is because you have sent the emails somehow wrongfully, which annoyed them to the extend of not replying to you at all. It is harsh, we know!

That’s why we have prepared these 3 key email outreach tips that you better master to ensure higher response rates for your email outreach campaigns. Are you ready?

Email Outreach Tip #1: Make It Personal

Let’s go ahead and use the words of Neil Patel here: “No one wants to be “templated”.” That’s right!

Receiving hundreds of look-alike emails every single day, it is no wonder influencers would choose not to respond to them. No blame! Why should they care to answer your email, if you haven’t cared enough and have sent them a “templated” email? You get the point!

So, the lesson here is to personalize your outreach emails as mush as you can. That’s one of the most powerful Email Outreach tips for you!

To make “the how” more concrete:

  • Address them by name whenever possible. (Emails with personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened.)
  • Take some time to learn about them and show that you know them in your email.
  • Make it more of a conversation, than just a formal cold email.
  • Talk more “You” than “I.”

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Email Outreach Tip #2: Make It Value-Full

We know – we have made that word up!

What we mean is that when you are reaching out to influencers with your outreach emails, you have got to have something to offer them, in order to ask a favor in return. Though, don’t be misled here!

Offering something doesn’t mean offering a bribe. In this case, it can be just a great piece of content that they would love to share with their audience. Simple!

Think about it! Influencers wouldn’t want to look bad in their fans’ eyes if they share your “bad” content, would they?

Thus, make sure you are practicing outreach emailing only with the best-of-best original content of yours, that is value-full enough for influencers to want to share it!

Email Outreach Tip #3: Make It Short

Have you ever received a long email, and just from the look at it was too lazy to read it? Of course you have! We all have!

And, guess what? Influencers are human too! They too get lazy to read a very long email from someone they don’t know, clicking on that “Read later” button that you wouldn’t want them too.

So, whenever reaching out to influencers via email, you should keep it short and neat. It is a golden rule to follow even in all of your Email Marketing efforts! You don’t want to bore your readers, do you? Yet, you want to grab their attention and make your emails a quick and enjoyable read, right?

Well-well. As a matter of fact, fewer words bring higher conversions. As they say, “Less is more.”

Keeping it to 3-5 short paragraphs for each outreach email is the ultimate strategy. Anything longer will not be a good idea, as it can minimize your chances of hearing back from them.

Take this brilliant example of an outreach email from Omni Papers, which scored a 76% response rate. See how short and on point it is? What’s more, it is personalized and offers a clear value!

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That was it! 3 very important Email Outreach tips that can help you rip all the benefits of your outreaching efforts. Don’t forget to practice them next time you write those emails. You will see the better results instantly.

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