Top 2018 Web Design Trends to Put in Mind


Web Design Trends

2018 is already here! So are the new web design trends you should keep an eye on to stay ahead of the competition.

Have a look at these top 5 pretty awesome 2018 web design trends to put in mind when (re)designing your website in 2018. Hop on!

Big, Bold Typography

Other than conveying information in text form, typography also has a stylistic nature. It is very capable of creating a personality for your brand, setting a tone to your website and evoking some emotions. And, bold typography is one of the 2018 web design trends that is going to be here boldly!

Minimalism combined with bold typography is the perfect style match. Designers are mainly using it to accent their home pages. Take a look at this example from Folks Verona online shop and you will see it for yourself.

2018 Web Design Trends


Vivid Gradients

Gradients, being very popular in recent years as a choice of two-or-more-tone effect design, are making a come back to 2018. Thanks to their colorful, fresh and modern looks, they are capable of making a whole website shine with simple beauty.

Gradients are even very popular (still!) in designing branded photography (gradient filters over photos). As the shades of the colors carry some important messages on them, they give the whole design look neat and attractive. So, you can use that practice too in designing your website for 2018.

Here is an example of a vivid Gradient design from Impossible Bureau for you to take a look at.

2018 Web Design Trends

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Interactive Content

Interactive content definitely has its place in web design trends of 2018. People love to be entertained, especially when they are connecting with brands in the today’s ever competitive and crazy digital world. Thus, brands can provide their online customers with entertaining experiences through having, games, quizzes, polls and any other creative methods integrated into their website user experiences.

Want a real-life example of how brands can do it? Here it is by My Grandmother’s Lingo. The whole content in this website is presented in a very fun and engaging way, making its visitors to stay on the page a lot longer than they would having to read long boring texts.

2018 Web Design Trends


Mixed Horizontal and Vertical Text

The usual horizontally aligned text is a bit boring in 2018! Many web designers have already taken the path of mixing things up a little with web text and came up with very cool works.

One such example is from director Matt Porterfield. Wouldn’t you agree that this web design has got some refreshing dimensions? We bet! We also bet, that this web design trend is going to stay long after 2018. Let’s see!

2018 Web Design Trends

Integrated Illustrations and Animations

Illustrations and animations bring more playfulness to a website’s style. They create a unique visual style that is also informative in its nature. This web design trend of 2018 is here to help users consume information in more comprehensible forms and in more fun ways. Engagement also skyrockets from the usage of integrated illustrations and animations, giving you another reason to try it out now!

Have fun with this web design trend, but keep in mind, that you need to make it all relateable to your business, or at least relateably humorous. Take this example from In Pieces – 30 Endangered Species. Way too cool!

2018 Web Design Trends

What did you think of these web design trends of 2018? Please, feel free to drop us a comment bellow, as we would like to know all of your thoughts on this topic. Know any more fun and cool web design trends for this year? Share them with us!

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